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May 04 2013


Sales Assistance Perth

Inspiration can help drive salespeople to do great things. What is your source of inspiration? Are you inspired by the feats of others? Or does your inspiration come from within, perhaps from a challenge you face in your own life that you want to overcome? Here are a few ideas for sources of inspiration you can use to help you achieve success.

Have a set profile of the ideal prospects: This is very important. Nobody has everything that everybody whats and whatever product you are offering are needed by certain group or class of people. To be an effective sales person, you have to identify these group or class of people. This helps you concentrate your resources on the identified niche. Mass marketing most time lead to a lot of wasted effort, time, and resources.

Do not Lose your Great Attitude. Do not sweat the small stuff. Nothing really ever goes as expected anyway, adapt and overcome. Every time your knocked down get right back up. Train your mind to never give up and to continue grinding.

Good Product Range & Sizes - This goes without saying; if your product range is poor then you will struggle. You need to be able to offer many products in many ranges to keep customers engaged in the website. The other issue is having good stock levels of sizes so that customers can get what they need. This isn't always possible but the better your stock the more sales you will get; you cannot run it on a shoe string.

Master and study your core competencies. You're only as strong as your weakest link. What areas do you need to improve? Do you need to improve your time management skills? Do you need to improve technical skills? And, what areas must you absolutely master? For example, maybe you need to spend more time getting to the decision maker. So, work to improve your deficiencies, and master those areas you must excel at to increase sales.

Improved customer service - How is your customer service? Ask your customers how they rate your customer service. If your staff are happy, they will probably offer good customer service. Have your staff had customer service training? It may be a good time to implement a training program to ensure your staff are delivering the best customer service possible.

Learn From Your Mistakes
Sales Tricks

Have you had difficulties with a certain market segment? Or, have you been burned by one particular customer repeatedly? Well, there's much to learn from these situations. Don't keep hammering away at someone who isn't buying from you. Learn from these mistakes, and move on - quickly.

Be authentic in all interactions. People buy from people they first know and then trust. Do be trustworthy means that you must be authentic.

Stick to the facts. Some "puffing up" is useful, but the "whole truth" is more convincing. Be prepared to back up what you say.

By reviewing these tips, you may find where there are gaps. Schedule some time to put together a plan of action to close those gaps.

Don't be the product, buy the product!